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Parenting Magazine Advertising
Parenting Magazine Advertising
Parenting is a magazine for mothers published in the United States. The monthly publication offers advice to mothers with children ages 0 to 12, and information is found under headings such as Kids' Health, Family Life, All Yours, The Mom Exchange, Mom-Tested, and Ages+Stages, which provides specific information for every age range.

Parenting is published 11 times a year. Total circulation is 2,200,000 per month. The Parenting niche is parenting, parents, baby, pregnant, toddler, kids, health, family, mom, mother, pregnancy, child, gear, toys, parent, children, manners, kids health, family, mom, moms.

Target Demographic:

Gender: Women Only

Age: 18 - 49

HHI: $0 - $100,000

Race: Hispanic, Amer.


$65,888 1/3 Page Display Ad

$88,298 1/2 Page Display Ad

$102,824 2/3 Page Display Ad

$131,784 Full Page Display Ad
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